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New Member to the Family

bet you can't guess what's in the box...

Yesterday, my cold was a little better and the weather was so nice that Jun and I decided to take a bike ride and go to a movie (movie post to come later). After the movie, we went to a home store to get a few things and I wanted to go to the pet section to get some more dried tofu for Hikari – it is her favorite treat.

While we were in the pet section, two beady eyes fixed themselves on Jun and that was that. We left the store with a new hamster cage and a golden hamster.

meet Buttercup

Getting her was a very amusing experience. After signing some paperwork and checking to make sure Buttercup was not defective, the pet shop staff put her in a small box. He then put that small box in another small box and handed that to Jun. We then went to the register (see top picture) at the other end of the store where the double box box was then put into a plastic bag! I quickly took the poor thing out of the plastic bag and carried her to…my bike. Jun and I then biked 15 minutes home and I kept checking to make sure the poor thing was still moving. We got home and found Buttercup to be pretty frazzled, but in one piece. I talked to her while Jun put her cage together. She did not really want to come out of the box, but I just sad patiently and talked to her until she decided she felt safe enough to come out.

checking out her new surroundings

We have her cage located on the other side of the room from Hikari, so hopefully that will avoid any stress the two might have – mostly Hikari since she has not been around other hamsters or animals for a long time. Sadly, the two of them can never be girl friends because golden hamsters and dwarf hamsters will just fight and kill the other. Jun has always wanted a golden hamster. When he saw them at the pet store he said that he wanted one because they are bigger and easier to play with. Hikari will always be my number one though.

One thing we noticed about Buttercup is that she loves to climb. She climbs on anything and has already earned the nickname Spider Woman. Another thing we quickly learned is that she is not the brightest crayon in the box and may be, as Jun so eloquently put it, a little retarded in a cute hamster way. You see…she doesn’t understand how to use her wheel. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Buttercup is only two months old, but is still about 3 times the size of Hikari. While she is cute and has a lot of personality, Hikari is still my baby.

On a totally different note, new layout for spring!


8 thoughts on “New Member to the Family

  1. Well, even if she’s not terribly bright, she’s cute!

    It actually surprised me a little bit how smart Hikari is. I mean, I don’t know a lot about hamsters, so I hadn’t thought about it very much, but she’s much more intelligent than I might have expected. She’s also extremely cute.

    1. Hikari is pretty bright. I think she is mostly responding to tones in my voice. She will come to me when I call her, but she ignores Jun.

      Buttercup on the other hand…seems to be dumb as a post. She is also in the “freaked out” stage right now. Pretty unsure about her new surroundings. Nothing like her home in the pet shop.

  2. What a cute little hammy ham! Buttercup looks very friendly^^

    I had a golden hamster when I was really young, and a dwarf hamster when I was around 10 I guess. Both types are super cute.

    I hope Buttercup has a great time becoming a member of your home^^

    1. Buttercup is a sweat heart, but that is to be expected from goldens. Then are not known to bite. She is still really nervous, but seems to calm down a little when I sing to her. Probably will take a few more days for her to totally get comfortable and not run away from our hands when we try to take her out.

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