The Proof of the Pudding…

…is in the eating. By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece.

However, no small piece will do for Japan’s ギガプリン・GIGA Pudding.

You're onto something Chi...

Now in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, Giga Pudding is a product produced by Takara Tomy where you make a giant pudding that serves 20 people by just adding boiling water and refrigerating.

or you could try eating it all by yourself

Now, I love pudding and my favorites are pistachio and tapioca. I also like the mainstream pudding here in Japan that is vanilla flavored with some caramel sauce on top – pretty much flan.

Pudding is a very popular dessert in Japan and you can find it just about everywhere. When my host brother turned 17, I asked him what he wanted as a birthday present…and he wanted 20 cups of pudding. I kid you not. The day of his birthday party, I went to a local supermarket and bought him his 20 cups and put them in a fancy little bag with tissue paper. I’ve never seen a boy get so excited over pudding before in my life.

this pudding is so excited it is eating itself!

Japan loves its pudding and Takara Tomy knows it.

There has been a recent boom of cooking toys for kids here in Japan. No Easy Bake Ovens, but kits for making doughnuts in the microwave, fresh caramel, Chinese dumplings, ice cream, cotton candy, “mochi” sticky rice and takoyaki. Giga Pudding is also among these new cooking toys. Think of those sand castles you used to make using buckets of beach sand and you’re halfway to understanding the concept behind Giga Pudding.

Giga Pudding visits the world!

If it weren’t for the fact that the bucket and pudding mix costs close to 3000 yen, I would try making this myself when I have friends over. It would make an interesting conversation piece while munching away at it. In the long run, it probably isn’t worth it.

Here is the ad for Gia Pudding. Don’t ask me for the 2 minutes of your life back after watching this. They are gone.

and you can watch the Giga Pudding making its appearance from the bucket in this video (only 40 seconds of your life 🙂 )

It could just be me…but seeing the way that pudding flops onto the plate and completely keeps its shape makes my stomach do an unhappy dance.


6 thoughts on “The Proof of the Pudding…

  1. Oh what a cute post, the pudding pictures are just so cute when they have faces and eat themselves. Is that some form of cannibalism? haha!

    I would try this giga pudding if I had a bunch of friends, but yeah the way it moves around is a bit off putting haha!

  2. Wow………. Love that advert ………. It is a little scary though a pudding that comes from a bucket like a sandcastle

  3. Yummy pudding. What is in it that it keeps its shape. I don’t think the ready made pudding here keeps its shape when you take it from the container. Will have to pay attention the next time I have some.

    1. the usual pudding is made from eggs (think egg custard) but still keeps its shape. Something this size can only be done through the magic that is jell-o. There was a TV program a few days ago where a top chef reviewed some of these cooking toys, and Giga Pudding got a 6 out of 10 for taste.

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