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Breaking the Bad Luck

a road of tulips on my way to work

So, today I had my first classes at my new Jr. high. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about actually going to classes, but things went fabulously.

First though, I really have to give some major props to my new English teacher, Fukuda-sensei. The man is great in so many ways. Not only does he give me a schedule of my classes, he also actually team teaches with me. While I was doing my self introduction, he did a lovely sea lion impression for me to demonstrate how many there are in my hometown. He also gave ridiculous amounts of time for kids to ask questions and encouraged them to try and ask things in English. After our three lessons together, he asked me how we could make teaching the alphabet to the first graders more interesting and if I had any activities to get the kids thinking more about English and language. We ended up talking for a few minutes, I printed out some of my elementary school lesson plans and activities and told him he could take a look and use what he wanted. Looks like we are going to be using my loan words handout and my version of BINGO – plus maybe a few other things. Besides a teacher at my first school, Misawa-sensei, who became like a big sister to me, I have had no other teacher that really asked for my input. Coming from my previous school with the crazy teacher, this is a breath of fresh air.

The kids are also fabulous and really tried to ask simple questions in English with whatever words they knew. It was very refreshing to see such bright minds actually trying as apposed to sitting, looking at the clock, and waiting for the chime.

Yes, this is going to be a great year.


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