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Hanami Kit Kats

green tea and sakura flavor

I have eaten sakura Kit Kats and I have had the green tea Kit Kats. Both I found to have a good enough taste that I would want to eat them again. However, I am wondering if this is going to be like that episode of Full House where Michelle is trying to earn one of her Honey Bee badges by creating a new recipe. See, she takes things that she likes individually, such as tuna fish and vanilla ice cream, and then mixes them together. I think this has more potential than tuna fish ice cream, however.

semi-sweet flavor

I wish I had something witty to say about this one, but all it is is a semi-sweet Kit Kat.


7 thoughts on “Hanami Kit Kats

  1. Took the white chocolate vanilla kit kats that you sent to Karen’s for Easter today–they were a hit. Going to give a couple to Elf’s dad when I see him. They are very good. Tuna and green tea–not so much.

      1. It makes more sense that they are sweet potato and not vanilla–can usually tell by the picture on the package–will have to look again–at any rate they are delicious. Will put my glasses on this time teehee

  2. Oops–tuna and vanilla ice cream–really not so much. Sakura OK, not green tea–just not into green tea. I did find out today at the coffee shop that green tea comes in many flavors so maybe I’ll try one. Is flavored green tea for real or just in America?

    1. tea leaves are kind of like coffee beans – depending on the leaf, the flavor of the tea will change. There are no banana green tea flavored drinks or anything like that though.

    1. depends on where you are getting the sakura flavored thing. For the most part, I have found the flavor to pretty much be that of a cherry. At Starbucks they sells sakura chiffon cakes (yummy!) with a pickled sakura blossom on top. Still close to the flavor of a cherry, but there is a little something more. Good stuff 🙂

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