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For Those Times When You Just Gotta Go

Imagine this: you are out hiking in the woods. You have been hiking for a long time and, like the good spelunker you are, you have been keeping hydrated with plenty of water. Suddenly, you feel nature calling…BUT, there are no bathrooms in sight.

Or…how about this: you are out fishing and do not want to dirty the lake’s fresh water with your human waste. Doing your business in the bushes is also not an appealing option to you either.

Or…perhaps you and your family are taking a long car trip somewhere. The current road you are on is in one of those states like South Dakota where there is nothing but a few sparse bushing and a road that seems to go on forever with no signs of civilization anywhere. Little Jimmy in the back starts to do the “I gotta pee” dance in his seat.

What will you do?!

Have no fear, Japan has the answer. How about having your own keitai you kyuukyuu mini toire 携帯用救急?

for those times when you just gotta go

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Japan has created a portable toilet for you to carry around with you in case of emergencies. As is described on the back of the package, when you pee into the bag, your pee is mixed with a powder to create “pee jelly” (not even joking, that is the word used). Apparently, nothing really special happens if you poop into the bag. No poop jelly *tear* When you are done with your business, you put the contents into another plastic bag and throw it away.

Definitely another one of those “Only in Japan” moments.


2 thoughts on “For Those Times When You Just Gotta Go

  1. Actually I would prefer if fishermen don’t use bodies of water as their toilets, but imagining these bags in a land fill is also upsetting. Anyway, I think it might be hard to use this for #2, ugh, I’m not saying more.

  2. I can understand the fishing situation, but I can’t see the others when there are perfectly good bushes around. I mean . . . where do the animals go? Just kidding. Fun post. Thanks for the laugh.

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