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Going Bananas

banana flavor

It’s been awhile since I “discovered” any strange Kit Kat flavors in stores – which has been very disappointing as there are several new ones out according to the official Kit Kat website. This time I discovered a banana flavored Kit Kat in bar shape. I am personally not a fan of banana flavored anything and chocolate is high on my list of things that should not be flavored with banana. Chocolate on bananas is fine, but just not the flavored stuff.


2 thoughts on “Going Bananas

  1. I am the opposite, I love banana flavor in any form haha. I would love to try these.

    Oh, I have a story about flavored kit kats! My friend in Tokyo knows I like to collect those kit kats and he picked up two different flavors to give me when I go back. But then we were video talking on skype and he started eating them! In front of me and talking about how they taste. I was like “How can you do that to me??” haha

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