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Meet Miffyヾ(。・ω・。)


This big stuffed bunny is my latest achievement in my UFO catching escapades.

I actually had no idea who this cute little bunny was until I came to Japan. Her name is Miffy and she is a small female rabbit in a series of picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. Her original Dutch name is Nijntje [nɛɪ̯ncǝ] which stems from a toddler’s pronunciation of the word “konijntje” meaning “little rabbit”.

a Miffy bento

Many think that Miffy is Japanese, because Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and friends are rendered using a similar line style. In addition, the Miffy brand is popular in Japan and there is a lot of Japanese-made Miffy merchandise. In an interview for the British paper The Daily Telegraph, Bruna expressed his dislike for Hello Kitty. “‘That,’ he says darkly, ‘is a copy [of Miffy], I think. I don’t like that at all. I always think, “No, don’t do that. Try to make something that you think of yourself.”


Miffy mania is such that in 1999 giant rabbit-shaped tulip fields were planted in six major cities in Japan. A few years ago, one Japanese couple even took their honeymoon in Utrecht, turning up on Bruna’s doorstep with a Miffy-shaped cake.

is Miffy the rabbit on the moon making mochi?

One thought on “Meet Miffyヾ(。・ω・。)

  1. Miffy is very cute–you are doing quite well with your UFOs. You’ll soon need a bigger apartment. Cats are walking all over the computer–time to go back to bed–it is very cold today–good day to stay toasty under the covers.

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