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Points for Effort?

is that...Mickey?

I think I am spending way too much time playing UFO catchers…but they are so addicting. I do not feel complete when I leave a game center if I have not won at least one stuffed animal that I probably didn’t need in the first place. The other day, they had The Yum Yums stuff animals and I knew I had to have one! I ended up winning a Lucky Lemon Lion and wanted to keep going as you could win one of the guys in 2 – 3 turns, but Jun helped me refrain myself. Now, the bedroom smells like lemons – although Jun swears the lemon smell is more like bathroom soap.

Anyway, the point of this post is to show the semi-ridiculous drawing on one of the machines. I never knew that Mickey Mouse had whiskers! Has he been lying to me all these years?! Whatever will Minnie think?


One thought on “Points for Effort?

  1. Oh win me a Yum yum!! I am so into those stuffed yum yum hehe. That’s so cool you can get them from UFO machines now.

    Hehe, someone can’t draw too well. But yeah, atleast they tried hehe.

    Thanks for offering to meetup, I would really like that!! I’ve never been to Kawagoe and that would be very exciting hehe!

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