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This Month in 給食: March 2010 Edition

Significantly fewer school lunches this month than usual. This was mostly due to the fact that 3 of the 6 days I was “needed” at my now previously assigned Jr. high school were actually days with no classes at all. Instead, I went to the main office and spent half a day sitting at a computer pretending to keep busy. At least I get paid, right?


2 thoughts on “This Month in 給食: March 2010 Edition

  1. You can tell it is the end of the year–the lunches don’t look as good. What is that on the bottom row, the middle lunch–it looks like a fish head. Whatever it is it isn’t very big.

    Isn’t there a bus or train that you can take to your new jr. high–a 40 minute bike ride–good grief, makes my back ache just thinking about it.

    1. yeah…there were a lot of not yummy lunches. My favorite was probably the hockey puck looking thing that is actually a hamburger. The “fish head” is not an actually fish head (although that can appear in lunches…) but is actually a mackerel fillet (not very good…tasted only like fish).

      My friend Aaron works at the elementary school all the Jr. high school students go to and he said their is a bus. Only downside is I will be riding the bus with students…which could be a good or bad thing. Depending on weather, I think I will be taking the bus. Won’t be getting that money back though (retarded)

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