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Fancy Plastic Bags for Kitties

why give your cat a regular plastic bag when you could buy one?

I remember buying things for cats only to find that they were more interested in the boxes or the plastic bags they came in. Japan has taken it up a level and are selling fancy plastic bags for your cat to play in. I wonder if the cats will actually use them…

Yes, Mom, I did almost buy this and send it to you.

In other news…today was my last day “working” at the Jr. high. It was a total 180 from yesterday. I doubt anyone knew that it was my last day. I had no classes for the first 4 periods and the afternoon I had to go into the main office to file taxes. After talking with my boss about having a total of 1 class the past month, he told me that I would not be going back to that school the next school year.



3 thoughts on “Fancy Plastic Bags for Kitties

  1. Haha, oh what can’t you buy in Japan? XD I’ve never had/seen a cat play in a plastic bag so at first I was like what??? haha

    That’s great news you won’t be going back to that school!

  2. Those kitty plastic bags could be a “best seller” with just a little modification.

    There needs to be a tightly sealable opening on the “cat sized” bag and a large rock should be included with each bag.

    There has been many a time that I have wished for such an “accommodation”.

  3. Forget what Dad said–he would put Cinnamon in one with a rock and drop it in a pool of water.

    William and Winston love to play in bags, boxes and under the blankets–they would love this bag! They say “Please get us one!!!”

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