Cooking Idol: I!My! Mine

Cooking Idol ( teaches children how to cook through instruction of the main character, Main. The show itself is divided into an animated segment featuring Main, and a live-action segment featuring the voice actor of Main, Fukuhara Haruka, as she practices the cooking herself.

Here is a summary I found on another site:

Main is an “adorable” little girl who’s trying to become an idol. Except she has zero self confidence and overwhelming stage fright. Her manager tells her to think of lettuce during her idol competition, and she winds up changing the lyrics to her song to be all about lettuce. Some bizarre producer sees it and decides to invite her to the “Cooking Idol” competition. Meanwhile, a strange race of cooking aliens (or something) send off their best chefs to find human partners on earth. One little alien dude gets sent along accidentally, but not before the alien chief presents him with a very important cookbook that will help him find his destined cooking partner on earth. The little alien dude falls into a truck of lettuce and predictably winds up with Main as his partner. Then there’s a weird magical sequences where they spin around together and stuff. The end.

What can I say, that’s Japan for you.

The show may be aimed for little kids, but if you google her name or the show and click on almost any Japanese site (typically a blog), you find that it is an otaku (nerd) site and usually has some sort of pornographic content. While she may be playing a role for young children, the producers are definitely also making sure to hit the male market. In the past year, the way she has talked has change to one that can only be described as “moe” – is a Japanese slang word originally referring to a strong interest in a particular type or style of character in video games, anime or manga.

In summary, here is yet another young girl being used for her cuteness *sigh*


One thought on “Cooking Idol: I!My! Mine

  1. It’s really hard for me to enjoy these songs, knowing the girls singing them are probably in waaaaaaay over their heads. Also, in this case, the singing isn’t even that good.

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