This Month in 給食: February 2010 Edition

Yeah…there were some definite misses this month. I think one of the biggest misses for me in terms of flavor and texture was the almond covered shrimp tempura I had a Jr. high today. It was…pretty much a greasy mess. Glad that I got one of the smaller pieces.

In other news, I am no longer requesting to switch Jr. high schools. Instead, I am just going to flat out demand it. Two weeks in a row of having zero classes and just sitting at my desk for 8 hours…give me a break. The principal kind of freaked out when he saw my schedule and shared in my frustration with one particular teacher. Rumor on the street is that several elementary schools are requesting me due to their ALT “not being good.” According to one of my elementary school teachers, this may have convinced my boss that I was right about making me an elementary school only ALT.

‘Bout time he figured that out.


4 thoughts on “This Month in 給食: February 2010 Edition

  1. You really should demand it. Because that’s completely ridiculous. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll get a change!

  2. If you are a Sailor Moon fan why would dress like that–it’s like not showing respect.

    A few of the lunches look a little gnarly–I know it is hard to make some soups photogenic. What are the little morsels on the plate with the half of kiwi? That little round thing that looks like a mini burger looks lost on the plate.

    Glad the jr. hi mess may be coming to an end–it will really please me when you don’t have to go to any jr. hi–just the little kids–they seem to enjoy and respect you.

    1. Totally agree. I think she looks ridiculous.

      There were some gnarl y lunches this month…the school lunch center is definitely running out of ingredients and just throwing things together. The small white things with the half kiwi are “shrimp shumai” which means a shrimp dumpling. They are not bad, but by the time I get to each lunch they are luke warm at best. I am not sure which little round thing you are talking about, but maybe it is the chicken meatballs?

      I am hoping that the Jr. high school mess is coming to an end. I’ll know the end of March or early April I suppose. New school year starts mid-April.

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