It’s Not Just the Kit Kats

CHRISPY PIZZA and Night Star

Even Pringles in Japan get their special flavors!

Now that the figure skating medals have been handed out, I think it is only fair that I write a brief reaction the Japanese public has had to the outcome of the battle between Mao Asada and Yu Na Kim.

While people were of course disappointed that she came in second to Yu Na, the overall reaction seems to be ,”she did her best and we are proud of her.” The news has been showing non-stop footage of her Olympic program(s) including both her successful jumps and the jumps that caused her to lose the gold. However, what seems to be showing more is her road to the Olympics and images of the cheerful young girl that the country has come to love. There were also interviews of people on the street (who were all watching the Olympics on their cellphones) and their reaction to what happened. Every single person said that they hoped she continued to do her best and that there is always next time.

Mao-chan, 頑張れ!


4 thoughts on “It’s Not Just the Kit Kats

  1. Hmm, I should try the interesting Pringles flavors in Japan, but I am not a salty perhaps, I’m really a sweet person haha^^

    I was secretly hoping Mao would win, just to stir up trouble. I really find the pressure Korea places on Yu Na sad.

    1. I have not had any of the Pringles yet besides the flavors that you can find in America as well.

      I was kind of rooting for Yu Na from the beginning because I am attracted to her style of skating more. With that being said, I wish Mao had thrown down a perfect performance instead of the nerves getting to her and her missing two of her jumps.

  2. I’m sorry Mao didn’t get the gold–she should still be proud since she did her best. It was YuNa’s night last night. I’m so glad that Joennie (sp?) got a medal–what an emotional exhausting week she has had.

    Flavored Pringles???–they should only taste like “cardboard potatoes”–even the flavors in America still have a cardboard taste.

    1. Mao is such a humble person. Immediately after her scores were announced, the media was in her face asking her how she was feeling and if she had any regrets about her performance. The poor thing was in tears but pretty much explained that she did everything that she could do, so she had no regrets in terms of her effort and attitude towards the competition. She is such a sweetheart.

      Pringles in Japan seem to have a little more flavor. Maybe I should add that to the list of things to send to you.

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