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Spring is in the Air

new spring flavors at Starbucks

Well, if the weather forecast is actually correct this time around, the Starbucks is on mark with its new set of coffee flavors and merchandising.

lots and lots of sakura merchandise

Since it was a beautiful day the other day, Jun and I decided to go for a walk around the station area and stumbled upon a much pinker Starbucks than we were used to. Yep, sakura (cherry blossoms) have made their appearance. The sakura cups and mugs were so cute and I tried to convince Jun that we needed at least one tumbler, but alas I lost the battle. What was more exciting than the merchandise were the new flavors: sakura steamer (hot) & sakura frappuccino (cold).


They were very yummy, but I think the hot is better than the cold. The frappuccino was a little on the sweet side.


4 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Those drinks are diabetic nightmares. When I get one I ask for just one shot of the sweet stuff–they put like 5 shots in a small drink–good grief. It would be nice if Starbucks here did a cherry blossom flavor–we do get cherry blossoms–just not as many as you.

    1. I don’t think American Starbucks would do a sakura flavor because it is not embedded in American culture like it is here in Japan. Sakura flavored everythings are popping up now.

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