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Kawagoe Kit Kat!

sweet potato flavor

While the sweet potato flavor is nothing new, the fact that the box says 小江戸川越 (Ko-edo Kawagoe) on it is.

Kawagoe is known for its sweet potato. From long ago, sweet potatoes were roasted and eaten as a snack by the common people. During and after the war when food was scarce, the sweet potato was an important staple food for many people. As the actual harvest has decreased, sweet potatoes from all over the country can be found in Kawagoe, which is still known as the the city of sweet potatoes. In the past, the most common way of cooking sweet potatoes was roasting and steaming (焼き芋・yakiimo). However, as times changed, many cooks who specialized in this specific ingredient came up with various ways of cooking it. Now you can enjoy various types of potato dishes such as the rare “potato kaiseki” dishes, potato soba noodles, potato udon noodles, potato desserts and others.


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