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Disney Sea: Sweet Love Souvenir

Sweet Love candy

As is customary in Japanese culture, when you go somewhere you bring back something to give to your co-workers. While I have not done this every single time I went to Disney Land or Disney Sea, this time I felt that it was appropriate since I spent the night.

The above candy and packaging is from Disney Sea and its Sweet Love theme – which wasn’t really that much of a prominent theme at the park. I bought these at 300 yen a pop and gave them to my elementary schools.

Now, for a totally change of pace, here is Jun all ready to do some job hunting!

looking spiffy in his glasses

and off he goes!

7 thoughts on “Disney Sea: Sweet Love Souvenir

  1. That’s so sweet of you to bring back those treats for your students, they are really cute. Me I’d just be like “What, I didn’t go anywhere over the weekend..” >.> <.<

    Jun looks very nice with glasses. Oh I just love how Japanese guys ride their bikes in suits! The image is so interesting to me, I mean, since I can't even see people ride bikes here 60% of the year.

    1. unfortunately, we are not allowed to give candy to the students. Any souvenirs I bring back are for the teachers. Apparently, if you give candy to the students the school/board of education gets very upset.

    1. oh, if only that were the case πŸ™‚
      he might have to cut it again (makes three times in the past two and a half months) because having supper poofy hair is not good for job hunting.

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