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Tokyo Disney Land: Power of Music

I am not sure what Donald is doing...

We once again woke up much earlier than we were planning to. Guess we were once again too excited about going to Disney Land and this was only intensified by the fact that we got to enter the park a whole 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the people waiting to enter the park. But, I am getting a little ahead of myself.

After packing our things and checking out of the hotel, we had breakfast at the Sherwood Garden Restaurant where I had several Mickey Mouse waffles with mango and berry sauce. The restaurant was lovely and had a buffet set up with all sort of delicious things to eat, both of the Japanese and American variety. After filling out bellies, we hurried to the not so secret secret entrance and waited for the park to open.

Everyone started freaking out (including myself) when Mickey and some other characters made their appearance, and I swear their sole purpose was to tease everyone waiting to enter the park. Once the gates opened, the characters vanished and it was time to run to where ever it was Mickey had gone…which we did.

Mickey and Pluto entertaining

Since we entered the park early, that and we could not go past certain areas, we decided to take advantage of the characters walking around and took pictures with…


the famous picture spot

Once people started entering the park, we figured we should start getting on some rides and exploring the park. Since we were on a vacation plan, we had a total of ten fast passes to use on the rides which was definitely an added bonus to the day. We hung around Toon Town and I played with some of the little kids in Minnie’s house. Seeing as things were getting a little overcast and we knew that it was supposed to rain later in the afternoon, we decided to check out the first showing of Tokyo Disney Land’s new show Rhythm, Melody, Harmony!.


I had mild heart failure during the performance. See, I took too many pictures the previous day and, in all my excitement, forgot to charge my camera’s battery. When the show started, I noticed that I had a low battery on my hands, but I figured it would still last awhile. Then…the unthinkable happened. Right as Minnie Mouse made her appearance…my camera shut off with the message “change battery.” I seriously could have cried. Still, I waited a few minutes and tried again to see that my camera gave me just enough life to take a few more pictures.

Now, onto the show! I must admit that I was a little skeptical about this whole “Power of Music” thing that Disney was doing. It seemed a little wishy washy for me and I thought it was going to end up being another dud like the “Club Monsters Inc.” show they did in the summer. I was happily surprised and was blown away by the show. I was unable to take many pictures, but I found some excellent videos on youtube once again to share with you all!

Part 1: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale

Part Two: Minnie Mouse, Daisy, and Cinderella

Part Three: Finale!

Immediately following the show, it started to pour down rain. I was so happy that we had been able to see the show because the rest of the shows were cancelled. With my now dead camera, we road on several more rides, had some soy sauce and butter popcorn, and watched a few more shows. The afternoon parade Jubilation went on despite the rain and threw me in fits of giggles seeing Disney princesses such as Belle and Snow White wearing clear raincoats over their gowns. “Splash Mountain” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” were closed for renovations, which was a bummer, but we road Buzz Lightyear’s ride for the first time and Space Mountain several times. We also tried out the new Monsters Inc. ride and were pretty disappointed with it – although we were not expecting much to begin with. I can’t believe that Japanese people will wait in a 3 hour line to wave a flashlight and robotic monsters. It was pretty lame and I am glad we had a special fast pass for it. Despite the rain, we stayed at the park until 9 before reluctantly heading back to Kawagoe.

I am not sure how we are going to top this next year, but if we are able to save money between a trip to America for Thanksgiving and covering as much as we can for a Disney Sea wedding, we might head to Sapporo for the Snow Festival.


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Disney Land: Power of Music

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your photos. I love the photos with the characters, Eeyore is so cute hehe.

    That is soooo sad about your camera battery dying. That always seems to happen at an important time, not while its just sitting on your dresser or something ><

    I hope all your future trips and plans go smoothly! Especially the DisneySea wedding, I'm excited for that hehe^^

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