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Tokyo Disney Sea: Sweet Love

outside Mermaid Lagoon

The funny thing is, Jun and I spent last Valentine’s Day at Disney Sea too♥

Anyway, we attempted to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, but the two of us were like kids waiting for Christmas, so sleep did not come easy. On top of that, I woke up an hour earlier than I planned and Jun got a total of maybe two hours of sleep. We set out around 6 am and walked to the station which put us at Maihama (also known as the Disney Land station by myself) at around 8 am. We first checked into the hotel and checked our bags before setting out to the park on the Mickey Mouse train.

the (almost) whole gang

We were pleasantly surprised that the park was significantly less crowded than it was last year. While everyone else made a B-line for the Tower of Terror, we made our way over to the Lost River Delta area in hopes of riding Indiana Jones before the crowds came…only to find that it was closed for renovations. Instead, we decided to just take a walk around the area and through the Arabian Coast area to get some of our favorite curry popcorn. En route, we meet Aladdin and Jasmine who were two of the most heavily made-up foreigners I have seen in a long time. Think of someone you know who is pale with blonde hair. Now picture that person with a black wig and heavy dark brown liquid foundation and painted on black eyebrows and you get the general idea of what Jasmine looked like. For some reason, I have a hard time creating the illusion that these people are the real characters, while I have no such problem when I am standing next to Minnie Mouse. Anyway, after getting some curry popcorn we headed over to Mermaid Lagoon. I love this place so much! I forget if I posted a video or not, but here is a nice one from the Travel Channel:

Besides playing around in Ariel’s Grotto area, my favorite thing here is the Little Mermaid show. The cast is really strict about people taking video and are actually really good at catching people – hence the serious lack of videos on youtube. However, user robocob814 managed to avoid this and took some video that I can now share with you! Yay!

Part 1: Ariel’s Introduction

This show always makes me cry. I kind of want her job…being Ariel all day would be awesome!

After having fun in Mermaid Lagoon, we wandered around a little more before the afternoon show called “Meet and Smile” began. The usual show, “the Legend of Mythica,” is taking a two month break. Probably renovating the boats. “Meet and Smile” was something that Jun and I have seen several times before. Essentially, all the characters come out to greet the guests and, if you are lucky, they get close enough for you to hug them. When my mom visited, we got to sit in the special handicapped section, so the characters spent extra time with us. I thought that there was no way I could get any closer to the characters. WRONG. Oh my God, I was so close and I received a hug from every single character including Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Stitch, and Marie.

I'm about to get up close and personal with Mickey

After “Meet and Smile” we road a few rides, saw a few shows, and experimented with one of the new features on my camera called “miniaturize” in which the camera makes everything look like a toy. We also explored the ship and found a surprise left by one of the cast members.

Mickey and Minnie drawn with excess water

That is the one thing that impresses me about the people who work at Disney, most of the “cast” have to be able to do more than smile and be personable. The person who drew the above Mickey and Minnie is actually one of those people who goes around the park picking up trash and sweeping up leaves or whatever debris is “dirtying” the park. There are also a few cast members who are street performers and do tricks for kids waiting in long lines.

Another thing that I like about the Disney parks is the ridiculous amounts of popcorn. They also sell cute popcorn containers that hang around your neck making it much easier to eat and walk. The flavors change between Disney Sea and Disney Land, but there is some overlapping. At Disney Sea you can find strawberry, curry, black pepper, sea salt, and caramel. They used to sell coconut and cappachino flavors, but those have vanished in recent years. At Disney Land there is soy sauce butter, caramel, curry, salt, honey and chocolate popcorns. However, due to the increasing popularity of a certain teddy bear named Duffy, a new popcorn flavor has been introduced at Disney Sea.

introducing milk tea popcorn!

Surprisingly, it was pretty tasty.

Around 6 pm, we were starting to feel exhausted and decided to take a break and a quick nap at the hotel before returning to the park around 7:30 to finish up our day at Disney Sea. We road all the rides we wanted to, saw Big Band Beat, and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the park. The pasta is really yummy.

yummy food

The park’s numbers were pretty low by this time, so we were able to ride a few more rides and watch the night show “BraviSEAmo” before deciding to head back to the hotel for the night to watch the fireworks from our room and explore the place before turning in for the night.

the two parks' landmarks at night

coming tomorrow – Tokyo Disney Land & “the Power of Music”!

As always, all my pictures from the day can be found on my dotphoto page found in my links to the right.


7 thoughts on “Tokyo Disney Sea: Sweet Love

  1. Wow, awesome photos! Mermaid Lagoon is my favorite area since when I was a kid I wore out my Little Mermaid vhs haha. It seems like you got to do so many fun things, how nice^^

    I want to try that Duffy milk tea popcorn! But I don’t think I could afford the Y3200 bucket with strap. Boy they really know how to get people’s money. haha.

  2. I don’t think I could ever talk my husband into going somewhere like this. Little kids must adore this place. The Mermaid Lagoon structure is amazing. No wonder you keep going back here. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. gotcha. Japanese people and kids in general seem to ignore all the “girlie” stuff when it comes to Disney Land & Disney Sea. Disney Sea is a tad on the girlie side, but it is much more aimed for grown ups than it is for the girlie girl.

  3. living in europe (for now! hopefully not for ever), I’ve many times to disneyland paris, disneyland anaheim (also known as disneyland the original, the one that walt buit) and walt disney world florida
    I can’t wait to see tokyo disneyland and tokyo disney seas, as a very big fan of little mermaid and 20.000 leagues under the sea (I even wrote to kirk douglas as a kid and got an answer!)
    you have astounding stage shows in Tokyo, and I’m glad yutube enables me to see them
    I love “one man’s dream”
    great site!

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