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Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

I am going to have to do this Disney anniversary in a series of short posts as I have way too many pictures and stories. I thought the best way to start things off was with a post about the hotel we stayed at: the Tokyo Disney Land Hotel. Pictures are the best way to explain things.

To put things simply, the hotel was amazing. The best part, at least for me anyway, was the the floor we stayed on was themed with Beauty and the Beast which is one of my favorite Disney movies. The Disney theme was not overpowering, but it was enough to make you giggle like a little kid. The cards to the room are custom made and printed out when you check in with your name on it. You get to take the card home with you! Our room actually had 4 beds: two doubles, one of the doubles had a bed that pulled out from the bottom, and an alcove bed that was also a sofa. The shower was also really exciting as there were two different spots from which the water could come out. One was the usual spot, but the other was from the ceiling! Our room was close enough to the park that you could hear the music and I now know that the music starts at 7 am (about 30 minutes after the first guests arrive believe it or not) and stops around 11 pm when all the guests should have left the park. We were even able to watch the fireworks from out hotel room!

I have now stayed in two of the three Disney hotels and I think I like the room better at the Disney Land Hotel than the one at Disney Sea’s Miracosta. However, the Miracosta hotel is literally located inside the park, so it gets some major points there.

Hopefully tomorrow I will post about our day at Disney Sea.


One thought on “Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

  1. Staying in a hotel is always a special experience to me, so I can only imagine how fun it is to stay in a Disney hotel! Thanks for sharing all the photos, I can really see what it’s like inside. I will probably never stay at a Disney hotel so this post is really cool to me.

    And the free things are awesome XD

    Oh, I have the red ribbon you are wearing too, yay we are twins! haha^^

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