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Chocolate, Cupcakes, and Macaroons…Oh My!

lots of Valentine's Day sweets books

All the shops around Kawagoe are turning overly pink and “lovely” as some Japanese clerks have described it. This is all fine and dandy, if it were not for the fact that most stores are more than willing to tell me that I need to show my love to my significant other by making him something sweet to eat because “he does not know [my] true feelings.” Sorry folks…I am not an awkward Jr. high school student – they seem to be the target audience if you look at the crowds of girls swarming the Valentine’s Day stands. Despite all this, I do enjoy seeing all the variation of cookies and cakes that one can make.

sweet making supplies

I really should be taking advantage of all the cute things on sale right now. All the edible decorations are adorable and, while Jun insists that he does not need anything, I really want to make something cute. He did mention that as long as there is lots of whipped cream he would be happy. Guess that means I should be looking at some of those mixes!

cute looking macaroons
heart shaped chocolate puffs!
I kind of like the chocolate spoons

Jun has some job hunting things to do tomorrow until the evening, so I might have to go and get something to make pre-Valentine’s Day.

For actual Valentine’s Day we will be going to Disney Sea, stay at the new Disney Land Hotel, and then spend the next day at Disney Land. Lots of Disney pictures will be coming your way in a few days!


One thought on “Chocolate, Cupcakes, and Macaroons…Oh My!

  1. I would buy all those sweets books just to stare at the pictures haha! Thanks for sharing more photos^^ The choco crunch in the last photo was an idea I was thinking about, like making heart shaped rice crispies with coco pebbles. But I proved to be too lazy >< haha

    Wow~~ Your v-day plans sound so fun and romantic! I can't wait to see the Disney photos!!

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