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A Confession

Japan has made me a shoe fanatic.

I was never really a girlie girl until I study abroad in Japan as an exchange student. At least, I never considered myself a real girlie girl until that time. This is neither a good thing nor is it a bad thing rather than it is something amusing for me as I look back down the road I took to get to where I am.

Wow, that sounded a little deep for the type of post that this is…

The thing about Japan is that the fashion is constantly evolving and there is almost always something new. Whenever I go out, it takes most of my willpower to not shop for clothing. Luckily, my body shape (aka my big boobs which are a size G or H in this country) makes it such that most of the clothing does not fit me properly.

But…there is one thing that my body type is perfect for in this country. That would be my small feet. Japanese shoes are not only amazing, but you can also find very expensive looking shoes for very cheap. I once went shoe shopping with my host sister and came back with 5 new pairs of shoes.

Today, I wanted to treat myself to something, so I went out and bought myself a nice new pair of boots.

new boots!


7 thoughts on “A Confession

  1. The boots you got are so cute, the color is very lovely! It seems we have opposite problems, I can’t buy shoes in Japan at all unless it’s men’s shoes because I’m size 27cm ><

      1. Oh that’s so great you can buy any shoes you like then! Haha, I am like your host sister, but I think my feet were 25cm during elementary school XP

  2. They look a lot like your other boots, I think… that is, I remember you wearing boots in Japan, so I might have been hallucinating.

  3. Japanese shoooooes. My favourite pair of shoes came from a store in Crea Mall for something like ¥1200. Still holding up just fine, too, the quality kind of surprised me. And those boots are fantastic.

    I miss Japan. ;_;

  4. I WISH I could find shoes in Japan!! they are so pretty/cute/just generally awesome but alas – I have godzilla feet (US women’s 10.5 or 11). Even extra larges at most shoe stores didn’t work 😦

    and Tokyo seems super fashionable even compared to wher eI live in LA – it sort of requires you to get girly.

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