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Finally, Some Valentine’s Day Goods

…in just a second 🙂

Today was my last day of work for the week. Tomorrow is a national holiday and I am taking Friday off just because I have extra holidays to use. To start things off, how about a few more pictures of my elementary school kids enjoying the Valentine’s Day card making?!

one of my 5th grade classes showing off their valentines

Might be my favorite class to teach as they are always energetic and have very positive attitudes. I took more pictures today, but you are going to have to check out my dotphoto page which is now listed under the links section to the right.

The next picture was taken by one of my co-workers of a poster that I made for her Jr. high school. Yes, I do find it amusing and sad that I have so much time at the Jr. high school I am assigned to that I am making supplies for a school I don’t go to.

Valentine's Day board I made

OK. Now for some more Valentine’s Day goods.

As I mentioned in my previous post concerning Valentine’s Day in Japan, the big thing is handmade chocolates. Stores in Japan sells ridiculous amounts of supplies for you to make the homemade chocolates and sweets. Please note that everything in the below picture is sold for 100 yen (about $1).

everything you could possibly need

However, if you are too lazy to do everything yourself, Japan also offers an assortment of mixes that included everything you need except for the baking sheet or tin. I’ll post a few pictures of these mixes now and save some for a later date.


lemon and chocolate cake mix

an assortment of of mixes

More to come!


3 thoughts on “Finally, Some Valentine’s Day Goods

  1. Looks like your 5th graders had a great time with their Valentines. Your bulletin boards are beautiful. I used to buy those tins, etc. back in the day. Joanne and I would make a lot of different chocolate things. Even have them to make chocolate suckers. I think Easter and Christmas themes–I think they are in a box in the garage.

    Speaking of snow–Matt has 27″ at his house and more is on the way. My brother only got 1″ so far. Washington, D. C. also got a couple of feet and more on the way.


  2. I like the Valentine’s board you made, it’s really cute! And those 5th graders look like they are a nice class, and they still look like kids! I mean in the US kids that age look more like teenagers recently.

    When they say making chocolate for valentine’s, it’s just melting chocolate into shapes? I guess it’s difficult to actually make sweet from scratch in Japan.

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