No More Jr. High School for Over a Week!

Ug. So, just a little rant before I show you all some cute pictures.

After having a relatively relaxing weekend, I once again started the week off badly by going to the Jr. high school I am assigned too (I’m not sure I can actually refer to it as “my” school any more). I arrive to find that I only have two classes for the day – which is not surprising as that is my usual load. Apparently, the crazy teacher did not tell the other English teacher that I was assigned to his class…because I was never asked to come to his class. Then, the crazy teacher realizes that he made a mistake and that I cannot come to his class because the students are doing a reading test (as in reading aloud to the teacher). God forbid you have the native speaker listen to students doing a reading test to check pronunciation…In summary, I spent my entire 8 hour work day sitting at my desk studying kanji and doing Valentine’s Day prep for my elementary school students. Pretty much a total waste of time and not worth me biking 30 minutes to work.

Anyway, onto some happy pictures. I stopped by a shopping center in the station on my way home from work for some light stress relief. I took more pictures for my Valentine featurette (which I have been bad about actually posting for…), but I also happened upon a few things that made me smile and/or laugh outloud.

Hello Kitty face wash!

I totally want to buy this face wash! I am currently using some stuff called Shiseido: Aqualabel and it has done wonders for my skin. I’m not so sure how great Hello Kitty brand face wash is. But…it is super adorable!

Backstreet Boys have a new CD?

It does listen freely! Seeing these guys brought back a ridiculous amount of elementary school (and some Jr. high school) memories. Man, I was obsessed with these guys. I was even a big fan of the least popular one of them all because we both liked the color purple and were born in August (it was destiny!). I must admit, I was very tempted to buy this CD just because the Backstreet Boys will always have a spot in my heart. I “listened freely” to the CD and their sound wasn’t that bad – very obvious that Kevin is not singing though. They were apparently in Saitama last week and I am a little disappointed that I did not know until after they had done their show. Then again, they were only here for one day. Would have been fun to see them one more time live and to see what sort of Japanese following came to support them.

50% off STILL NOT selling

This was voted the worst movie of the year by the Japanese public. I watched this movie online with Jun and while I know very little about the Dragon Ball universe, this was a terrible movie. The description under the movie pretty much bashes the movie (Bluma is too sexy, Goku doesn’t have a tail, Piccolo is lame) but says that you may enter a “fun” universe if you watch. I asked the staff of the store how the movie was selling, and they said very poorly, hence the 50% off sticker.


4 thoughts on “No More Jr. High School for Over a Week!

  1. Oh that sucks you were stuck at that school for 8 hours ><

    Haha, my friend was obsessed with BSB, and she always made me listen to them and talk about who was cutest. And I never got into them haha. That's so interesting they are having a comeback in Japan, but they should be the BackStreet Men now right? haha

    I didn't even bother watching that Dragon Ball movie. But what shocked me was one of my friends who was a big DBZ fan thought the movie was pretty good…

    1. My working time is from about 8 until 4, so 8 hours is my working day…but still…having no classes during that entire time is ridiculous!

      I think they are trying to have a comeback in Japan…but they are not doing so well. They lost their popularity what…ten or so years ago?

      The Dragon Ball movie is the type of movie to have on in the background while you are working on something. You can find it on the internet.

  2. Thumbs down to the Jr. High–a very inconsiderate way to treat an employee.

    If you have a face soap that makes your face feel good I’d stick with it–Hello Kitty will probably probably scratch it to pieces.

    Your favorite BSB was in People–he either just got married or just had a baby.

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