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This cute little kitty I got from a UFO catcher all by myself. Cost me probably more yen than it is worth, but I like my kitty.

sitting on the table

His name, which I just got from the tag. The tag says “Merci” and several other random things in English, French, and Japanese. Decided “Merci” was kind of cute. He is now resting on the bed. After receiving him from the game center, we went to the supermarket to do a little shopping. Jun got a little carried away with his “playing” with Merci…

Jun was very mean


3 thoughts on “Merci♥

  1. Merci is totally cute! That’s so awesome you won it from a catcher machine, I admire your skills!! Haha, What Jun did is mean, but it makes me giggle a little haha^^

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