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Acapella Angels

Before you do anything else, “watch” the video.

The audio was taken from a Japanese television show called “ハモネプ” (pronounced hamonepu) in which various acapella groups from all over Japan come together to compete for the title of top acapella group. The “hamo” comes from the word “harmony” while the “nepu” comes from the hosts who are members of a comedic team called ネプチューン (Neptune) pictured below.

I love these guys

I really enjoy watching this show, but I am hardly ever moved as much as I was by the group who sang in the video you just “watch.” The group is called 『姉と僕』 which translates to “My Sisters and Me” with the me being the masculine way of referring to oneself. This group were the victors of this year competition!


Yep, they are a family. The youngest member is 15-year-old little brother Shu-kun who, according to the group’s blog, enjoys playing the piano. The sisters are (from left to right) Sa-chan(age 23), Syo-tan (age 20), and Chi-chan (age 24). The sisters are all adorable (not sure I can call them adorable as they are all about my age with Chi-chan actually being the same age) and I love their fashion sense.

If I can, I would love to see them perform live(*♥д♥*)


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