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This Month in 給食: Hello 2010! January Edition

School lunch is back! This month had several lunches that I really enjoyed…but also had me seeing double on not so yummy things like “hot dogs” and overly greasy-deep-fried-springs rolls. Soups this month were also pretty hit and miss and I had curry with quail eggs for the first time (not recommended).

I learned that (at least this month) my two elementary schools are receiving their school lunches from the same school lunch center – which makes following lunch menus a lot easier.

So, what do you think of 2010’s first batch of school lunches?


7 thoughts on “This Month in 給食: Hello 2010! January Edition

  1. They all look pretty good to me honestly hehe^^ I mean for adults it might be too simple in some cases, but I think back to the things they were feeding us in my elementary school this looks like 3 star dining haha!

  2. I’m hungry. I suppose I was pickier when I was younger, but I’d give just about anything a try now. I like the look of the one that’s next the last row, middle. I’m a big eater. 😉

  3. Your pictures make all of them look very delicious.

    However, I am sure if I was faced with the prospect of eating tham, I would go for the tomatos and the carton of milk only (maybe).

    For some reason it appears that rice is a big item on the lunch menu. A day without rice must be a sad day indeed?

    1. You might not be able to drink the milk here (at least not at first). Milk in America is like water compared to this stuff. Japanese milk has more fat in it, but there is a lot more flavor to it. Some milk in Japan has 7% fat, but the average is 3%.

      Rice is the staple food here, so when there is a school lunch without rice, there are usually a lot of complaints. Students are usually the first to complain because, “there is not enough to eat.”

    1. I am not too sure Japan understands the meaning of “vegetarian.” When I went on vacation with another American friend, she asked for a vegetarian meal (not a fan of fish and shell fish) and they brought her a giant steak.

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