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Tokyo Lights

Last Thursday was Jun’s birthday. To celebrate, we spent the evening in Tokyo. More specifically, we went to Tokyo Dome City to see a Russian circus, ride some rides a the amusement park, and look at the winter illuminations. While the circus was fun, the illuminations were far more impressive.

There was also a fountain that did a 30 minute show to classical music. I took a shor video using my new camera.


4 thoughts on “Tokyo Lights

  1. Wow, these displays are so beautiful and fantastic! You did a really good job capturing them with your camera, I am so terrible at night shots hehe ><
    My favorite is the fantasy display, if it's got a mythical horse creature I'm into it haha!

  2. What a bummer. I’m leaving for New Jersey in the morning. Guess I will have to take my el crapo camera–but I don’t know where it is–another bummer. TTFN

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