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Customized Kit Kats

the cute little old man is my Jr. high school's principle

I shouldn’t be surprised that you can design your own Kit Kat box seeing as you can do the same thing with M&M’s. My Jr. high school’s principle gave this to me on my first day back to working at the Jr. high. Let’s just say it was the only good thing about my day as I had to teach only with that crazy teacher again. Why the man insists on zapping all the joy out of learning a language is beyond me.


7 thoughts on “Customized Kit Kats

  1. Wow. That’s amazing. Seems like a lot of extra expense for the companies to create something like that. It is cute though. Junior High is a great market for things like that. Enjoying your blog. Hang in there, teach!

    1. well, the companies charge a pretty penny for you to special make these sort of things.Jr. high schools in Japan are an especially great market for these things because right now it is the high school test result phase where students are learning where they will be going to school and where they will not.

  2. He gave you kit kats with his own photo on it? hehe, how interesting!

    That’s too bad about that teacher, teaching and learning have to be fun and involving to be effective, atleast in my opinion^^

    1. he told me it was his version of the New Year”s card :p

      that one teacher is seriously going to give me an ulcer. Just being in his presence stresses me out.

  3. That’s so cool, Katherine. Here’s the plan: I send you photos of beautiful men/women. You make about ten thousand of these. We sell them in America. Profit commences.

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