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My First Bridal Fair


Disney Sea Bridal Dream Preview

Yesterday was a national holiday in Japan and also happened to be Disney Sea Bridal Dream Preview. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Jun and I are actually trying to make things happen and tie the knot. No date set at the moment, but we are shooting for March 2011 if there are dates available. The Bridal Dream Preview was amazing and I felt like an emotional kid in a candy store looking at everything. I probably spent the most time looking at all the dresses, so let’s just start there.

In a Japanese wedding, it is very common for the bride to change clothing 2 – 3 times during the wedding. There are even some girls who change clothing 5 times or more, but you can imagine how often they actually get to mingle with people at the wedding. Before I show the traditional (white) wedding dress that I liked, I want to show the two dresses that I am torn with for my second look.

Number 1:

elegant blue dress

Now, isn’t that just beautiful?! If you get married at Disney Land, you can wear the Disney Princesses’ dresses and I totally had my heart set on wearing Belle’s golden dress until I saw this blue dress. I love the beading on the top as well as the cut. This is also the type of blue that will really bring out the color of my eyes. I was set on picking this one…until I saw dress number 2.

Number 2

elegant and cute pink dress

I was blown away by this one. Most girls who get married at Disney Sea tend to use the Disney Sea specific dresses which I found to be a little too over the top in terms of looking Italian. When one of the staff members asked me what dresses I was interested in, they were surprised that I was not interested in the Disney Sea originals. Anyway, this pink dress fits my personality more than the blue one and, when given a choice between the two, my co-workers at my elementary school pick the pink one because “it fits me.”

Guess I will just have to try them both on!

Now, moving on to some more dresses, the actual white dress. There were two that stood out to me (and you may be noticing a trend with the style and cut of dress that I like).

Wedding Dress 1

white and elegant

Wedding Dress 2

off cream and elegant

I think I am leaning towards the second dress because I love the waist line and contrast between the two fabrics.

There was also an assortment of cakes on display:

storybook cake - can you find the hidden Mickey?

strawberry covered wedding cake
rumor is that it literally ignites to make the inside almost like a creme brule. if only the outside did not look so ridiculous!
Mickey Mouse three piece cake
The Little Mermaid wedding cake

While the “The Little Mermaid” cake is really cute, I think my favorite of the cakes is the storybook one.

They also had some example ceremonies that you could watch. We ended up attending the Civil Ceremony which I quickly decided was not for me. The “priest” is actually the mayor of Disney Sea (a fat Italian guy who smiles way too much) and it felt more like a stage show than a wedding ceremony. While I am not a religious person, I am going to stick with the traditional Christian ceremony and ask that certain elements stay intact.

Nothing has been 100% decided yet, but now you all can look forward to wedding plan updates! This also means a new category has been added to the list!

I took a lot of pictures, so you can find all those over at my Dotphoto page.


9 thoughts on “My First Bridal Fair

  1. How wonderful! Beautiful, beautiful dresses. This must have been very exciting for your both. Did Jun have any preferences? Will he wear a tux? (I was secretly hoping for a traditional Japanese wedding, but when they say that this is your day . . . it’s true. Do it just the way you want, no exceptions!

    1. Not sure if Jun is going to wear a tux or not, but he definitely looks better in blacks and dark grays than whites. I think he was more interested in watch my eye popping out of my head rather than looking at the men’s clothing. I thought about a traditional Japanese wedding, but I don’t like how rigid the ceremony is and the actual ritual is only for family (my mom can’t understand Japanese, so it would not be very enjoyable for her).

      1. Good for you, keeping your Mom at heart. I really think your wedding will mean almost as much to your mom as it will to you. My sister eloped (interesting but long story). I knew I wanted a traditional wedding and really wanted to give one for my mom. I had bits of the corsage she wore at her wedding woven into my bouquet. We’ve saved that to give to our boys, if that day ever comes. I can wait. 😉 Best wishes on an absolutely lovely day for you, Jun and your families.

  2. That’s so fun! And the dresses are gorgeous. I really love that last one (the cream-colored dress).

    March 2011, that’s not so far off! Hopefully I’ll be in Japan, because I’d love to at least go to your reception. ^^

  3. Oh dear, Alexis is right, March 2011 is not far off. It is just a little over a year away–time flies.

    I like the cake you picked–I always go to the food first. I keep going back and forth with the dresses. I like the pink dress the best, wish it came in the pretty blue. Guess I like the offwhite wedding dress the best right now.

  4. I may have started drooling while reading this post. OMG. It’s so cool that you’re looking into all of this. I wish they had the multi-dress thing going on in America (although I’m sure my parents are fine with the way things are ;))

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