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Message Kit Kats

Who do you want to send a special Kit Kat to?

Not as exciting as a new flavor, but these Kit Kats do illustrate what I said when I first introduced Japanese Kit Kats way back when. The pink text by the Kit Kat 【そのひとがささえになる】 translates to “[so] that person becomes supported” and totally illustrates the whole illusion to the idea of きっと勝つ “You will surely win!” because you will be supported by the holy powers of the Kit Kat. In the lower corner you can see the message area (complete with pink pen) and a message written that says 【きっと大丈夫。頑張れ!!】”It will [surely] be OK. Do your best!”

There are a bunch of new flavors out there on the market (according to the Kit Kat website), but I have yet to find any of them in stores. The search is on!


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