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This Month in 給食: December 2009 Edition

With this, school lunch for 2009 comes to a close. Definitely started to notice that the center where they make the food was running out of ideas and literally looked in the fridge to see what sort of food they had left over and created a lunch out of it.

Still, there were some good lunches this month, but a lot of lunches left me unable to eat something (mainly fish related) and once again telling students that I had “allergies.”


5 thoughts on “This Month in 給食: December 2009 Edition

  1. Oh no. Are your truly allergic to fish or just not like it? Either way, no fish and in Japan makes eating rather difficult, doesn’t it? Thank you for your post. 🙂 (I am a huge Final Fantasy fan too!)

    1. I am just not a big fan of fish, but I can eat it with the exception of the small fish with their heads and tails still attached. I just tell the kids that I am allergic because they are instructed that even if they do not like something, they must eat it. The only exception to not eating all your lunch is if you are allergic.

  2. I see. Being allergic would cut down on explanation time. So what are some of your favorite non-fish dishes? I have enjoyed reading your blog. There is another I follow, written by a visiting teacher in China, Hot Dog Delight. You can find the link on my blogroll if you’re interested. Thank you for your writing.

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