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Thanksgiving Shopping…Check

Jun and I went to Costco the other day to get all the last minute things we need for the Thanksgiving party we are throwing this weekend with my co-workers and other foreign friends. I think we may have gone a little overboard…

Who doesn't spend over 300 bucks when they go to Costco?

BUT! Costco here in Japan was selling whole frozen turkeys! We ought a 10 pound bird(/∀\*))キャハ♪”

In other new, I have come down with something. I ended up going to the hospital today…for 4 hours. Two of those were spent just sitting in the waiting room while I suffered with a fever. I then took the influenza test which consisted of the nurse shoving a long cotton swap up my nose and twirling it around for a few seconds. Totally took me by surprise! In summary, I do not have any form of the flu (swine or any other), but due to a lot of my symptoms, the doctor wanted to do some blood work to check a few other things. My joints have been hurting a lot recently – specifically my knees – so he is running some tests for arthritis and bone…something something. A lot of the conversation was way above my Japanese level. Will e brining my DS and Japanese software with me next visit when I get my results in.

In any case, I think I will be taking sick leave the rest of the week so I can get back on my feet.


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Shopping…Check

  1. It’s kind of really awesome that you were able to buy a turkey in Japan.

    And I hope you get well soon! お大事に!

    1. it is not just “kind of really awesome,” I would consider it “totally far out really awesome”…or something a little more intelligent sounding to express the awesome-ness that is turkey in Japan.

  2. Katherine don’t get really sick, okay? I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, even if it is far away from the US. Enjoy your turkey!

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