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Japan Never Stops Amusing Me

Bear Heads
some really freaky Care Bear goods
Hashi Holders
Christmas ones too!
Hashi holders
for your chopsticks
Be Safe
no kidding, this is to use when there is a fire so you don't inhale the fumes and smoke
I wish I could think of something witty for this one
Bento Box
lesson for us all to live by
A Bento Box
I am very excited when I read too
Bento Box
Hello Rinda. I like the white cake too
You are seeing that correctly, it peels oranges.
A Cup
I wish gentle time was on my side
A Cup
mushrooms are good friends indeed
What do you like?
some of the most adorable sponges you will ever see
No Cat!
plastic spikes to keep kitties off things
Kids Awawa Hat
I love my bath time communication too
Shampoo Hat
to use when you are shampoo-ing your hair
Ear Cover
you keep your ears from getting wet in the shower

Who knew a trip to a local 100 yen store would provide me with so much entertainment?


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