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This Month in 給食: September Edition

After those long summer days, I forgot just how good and how terrible school lunch can be. The month of September certainly had its ups and does in terms of the food. I ate, for the first time, carrot jelly and actually enjoyed it – although it mostly tasted like orange. There were several dishes that I struggled to eat, but felt obligated to do so because I was eating lunch with my students who are told they are not allowed to have left overs. Still, I can’t complain for how cheap each meal is and it saves me getting up earlier to make two bentos.

Now, onto those food pictures!


3 thoughts on “This Month in 給食: September Edition

  1. I’m not sure the lunches look all that great–hope they taste better than they look–you have learned to eat a lot of new and unusual things.

    1. this past month actually had some of the better lunches – if you can believe that. Still won’t touch a tomato with a ten-foot-pole though. Maybe you will get lucky the next time you visit and you can try some lunches?!

      Also, October/November also seem like OK times for you to visit. Not hot at all.

  2. Every time you post about school lunches, I can’t help but remember your experience with their ‘okonomiyaki’. Some of those look kind of… not good. Though there is a surprising amount of variety. Not necessarily GOOD variety, but variety nonetheless.

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