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Soy Sauce…Really?

Black Kinako flavor
Black Kinako flavor
Soy Sauce flavor
Soy Sauce flavor
Watermelon flavor
Watermelon flavor

Now, as terrible as it may sound, apparently the watermelon Kit Kat tastes “nice” according to one of my friends. I am not sure if I will ever be willing to try it for myself – at least I am not going to pay for it. The kinako one would probably be fine. The one that I really have issues with is the soy sauce one…

Why would you ever want to mix soy sauce with chocolate? Bleh.


4 thoughts on “Soy Sauce…Really?

  1. Soy sauce flavour? For real? Ew. Watermelon sounds… interesting with the potential to be either good or horrendous.

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