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Just managed to get back home from the super market the other day before it starting pouring. I find that almost every time I go to the super market in Japan there is something that catches my attention. This time, I found myself in the meat section picking out a decent size bag of sausages for Jun’s bento lunch when I found some of the most adorable sausages I have ever seen.

Power Ranges: Sausage
Power Ranges: Sausage

Mickey Mouse!
Mickey Mouse!

I got very excited, especially at the Disney characters sausages, and immediately showed them to Jun. He then explained to me that the actual name for these guys is ポークビッツ (pouku bittsu) which translates to “small pork pieces.” However, most people call them by another name…a name which super markets must not utter (yes, I am trying very hard to make a Harry Potter reference). What Jun explained to me is that most Japanese people call them ちんちん which is how children refer to a penis. Because these sausages are small, people think they look like a child’s penis and call it such. Oh Japan.

Now, a lot of sausages are cut in such a way that they resemble an octopus before they are put into a bento. I have done this a few times for Jun’s lunch, but I wanted to try something different because always having a sausage octopus in your lunch must get boring. That is when I stumbled across this video where sausages are transformed into animals and flowers. You should take a look.


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