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They’re Back!

I have been disappointed recently by the serious lack of new Kit Kat flavors. I was especially discouraged when one of my ALT friends informed me that he had seen watermelon Kit Kats at the supermarket in his area last month. There was no such Kit Kat here. I am sad.

However! I have two more Kit Kat flavors to introduce you to! Yay!

Lemon Vinegar flavor
Lemon Vinegar flavor
Plum Soda flavor
Plum Soda flavor

The lemon vinegar Kit Kats were actually a gift from a friend, so I was able to try those. They actually were not bad and just tasted like a citrus chocolate. You know those chocolate oranges that you smack on the table to split into orange slices? If you do, that is exactly what this Kit Kat tasted like. As for the plum soda…I think I might have to pass on it. I have issues with making chocolate out of any sort of soda.


3 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. Yum to the lemon vinegar if they taste like the chocolate oranges–strange that lemon would taste like orange–but that is Japan I guess.

    The sausages–that is a whole othe story

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