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Battle of the Ranger Openings – Battle 06

Time for another opening comparison. This time we will be taking a look at Power Ranges in Space and Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (星獣戦隊ギンガマン) Starbeast Squadron Gingaman.

I, for the love of God, could not find a Power Rangers in Space opening that would let me embed it here, so you are going to have to give your fingers some extra exercise and click on this link.

Here is the Gingaman opening

So, where does the vote lie with this one. I personally did not like either one of the openings and am tempted to not award any points this round. The song for Gingaman was worse than the Power Rangers opening, but the clips and editing were much better. I guess if I were given these two openings and I had to decide which one I would rather watch, I would pick Power Rangers in Space. The only redeeming quality for Gingaman is that the blue ranger is a real hottie.

Super Sentai: 3 Power Rangers: 3


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