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World Teddy Bear Museum(*♥д♥*)

The second day of my trip down to Jun’s second home with him and his family was supposed to start off with a trip to an onsen/pool with fish that eats the dead flesh off your feet, but do to some complications we were not able to make it out there. We instead took our time in the morning and actually made a decent breakfast and, after, Jun and I headed down to the river that is right below the house.

the river below Jun's second home
the river below Jun's second home

We then got into the car and were not really sure what our next step was going to be. I mentioned that I had seen a sign for a “World Teddy Bear Museum” that I was kind of interested in checking out, so that is exactly where we went. The museum was not very big, but there was a wide selection of bears including one of the first Winnie the Pooh teddy bears and some of the first teddy bears to ever come into existence. I’ll just post my pictures from the museum so you can see all the adorable bears – although some of them were kind of creepy.

Pretty cute don’t you think?

After the museum we headed down to the lake to feed all the koi that live there. I think this video I took speaks for itself:


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