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忘れないよ・青山テルマ【I Remember・Aoyama Thelma】

Aoyama Thelma with Richard Gere and the dog who plays Hachi
Aoyama Thelma with Richard Gere and the dog who plays Hachi

I have become addicted to this song from the moment I heard it in the trailer for Hachi: 約束の犬 (the English working title is Hachi: A Dog’s Story). The song is called 忘れないよ which is being translated as “I remember,” but I think a better way to translate that would be “I won’t forget.” The song is sung by a girl named Thelma Aoyama who, as far as I have seen, has not really made her mark on the music/Japanese pop culture scene like other popular female artists. I am personally not a fan of her look (I thought she looked terrible in a Disney Land commercial), but I think her voice is amazing and this song is just perfect on several levels.

First off, here is the PV (promotional video) that has been released recently. It is a very sad one that has a two minute opening and ending to make up a story to match the song. The video is a little over 8 minutes long, but it is worth the loading time for those of you with slower internet servers.

For those of you who cannot understand Japanese, I’ll do a little summary of the dialogue. The PV starts out with a radio announcer pretty much telling us that it is August (summer is a reoccurring theme in this PV). A mother and son walking down a street. The mother, as we find out, cannot speak but she can hear. She tells her son that since today is his birthday they need to buy a cake. He agrees and skips across the street. He says bye to his mom and tells her to please wait for him. His mom agrees and promises that she will meet him at the cake shop when he is done with school (kindergarten). We then hear the mom’s voice in a voice over explaining that she lost her voice on a “promised day” with her boyfriend. We then cut to 2003’s summer where she is on the phone with her boyfriend asking what their plans are. We hear her boyfriend says that he wants to meet her at their usual meeting place tomorrow at 6 in the evening. She agrees and he says “It’s a promise then. Be sure not to be late!” She asks him why he is so concerned with the time and everything being perfect to which he responds, “You will get that answer tomorrow.” We then get another voice over of the girl says, “Hey, Kazuma (the boyfriend’s name), just as I promised I was on time and I waited for you. I waited for you forever at that place.”

The the song begins. The actual musical section of the PV shows us the couple’s relationship starting from the summer of 2002 until the summer of 2003.

When the music ends, we cut back to the present where she is making a birthday dinner for her son. Her son picks up a cellphone and asks, “Mommy, whose cellphone is this?” She tells him that it is his father’s cellphone and plays a video that the father recorder on the phone. In the video he asks her (Mayu) if she knows the reason why people wear their wedding rings on their medicine finger (ring finger). He then puts fingers together while folding his middle fingers. He then explains that you can separate all your fingers except for your medicine ones (aka two people who wear rings on those fingers cannot be separated/love cannot be broken). We then cut to her son blowing out his candles and one final voice over where she says, “Kazuma, you were not able to propose to me (that day), but you were still able to give me a future.”

wasurenai yo – Thelma Aoyama

If you click on the above link, you will be directed to a page where you can listen to the song via streaming.

Now, how about some lyrics!

yeah, can I still believe you?

I’m not saying it’s a promise
I’ll be waiting

☆忘れないよ 忘れないよ
だから今日もあの日のように待ってるよ (待ってるよ)
聞こえそうで missing you☆


I’m not saying it’s a promise
I’ll be waiting

★どうしても どうしても
覚えてたいことだからいつまでも (いつまでも)
残っていて missing you★

I’m not say and it’s a promise (No, it’s not)
でも信じさせて (I believe I believe I believe)
約束なんかじゃない (even though it’s not a promise)
I’ll be waiting


yeah, can I still believing you?
I’m feeling insecure, but I want to believe (in you)
(they say that) This is most definitely love
(and) it’s something that cannot be erased/cannot go away
It’s all because you are the first person to teach me (the meaning of love)

I’m not saying it’s a promise
It’s not a promise
Words are too ambiguous
It’s something more simplistic
I feel so happy to be loved
I want to be with you
I’ll be waiting

☆I won’t forget, I won’t forget
Because today, just like that day, I am waiting (I’m waiting)
It’s lonely, but I’m OK.
I can almost hear your heartbeat of the embrace of when you come home
missing you☆

Nothing has changed
Everyday when you are not here
I immediately lose my surrounding story
It’s like right before my eyes there town I do not know

I’m not saying it’s a promise
It’s not a promise
If it (the promise) can’t be fulfilled, it will hurt
It’s definitely instinct
It cannot be helped but to be concerned
I want to be with you
I’ll be waiting

★No matter what, no matter what
It’s something I always want to remember (always)
Please tell me nothing will change
I am waiting for the feeling of you holding me
Please let it remain
missing you★

I’m not say and it’s a promise (No, it’s not)
But make me believe (I believe I believe I believe)
It’s not a promise (even though it’s not a promise)
I want to be with you
I’ll be waiting


Sorry is the translation is not 100% accurate, but I did give it my best shot. It can be really difficult translating songs because while the words might translate, those words by no means convey the meaning that the Japanese ones do. Still, I find translating to be really fun. Maybe I want to look into a translation school in the future?

Finally,You can download her single here.


7 thoughts on “忘れないよ・青山テルマ【I Remember・Aoyama Thelma】

    1. Your welcome (hehe). I feel ridiculous when I go to the movies now because the Hachi trailer is always played. I end up crying before the movie I intended to see even starts.

  1. Thanks so much for translating this! I was originally just looking for the Japanese lyrics online,even though I have this CD, so that I could use Rikaichan and translate it myself, to put in my SRS.

    I really appreciate your work. Thanks again.

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