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One For the Road

I just got back from the gym and am about to head off again, but before I leave I felt I needed to post to ensure I keep up with my post-a-day promise.

So, the other day – mostly to escape from the heat – Jun and I went into a supermarket to stand in the produce section and wait for the mist to turn on when I spotted another flavored Kit Kat that I had not taken a picture of yet:

Strawberry flavor
Strawberry flavor

My ALT friend, Aaron, said that he as pretty impressed with the flavor and would recommend I try it. If I ever find an individual package, I might try it.

Now, for something else I found at a 7-11 that I was almost going to buy when I realized that it probably was not worth all the calories.

480 grams...that's a lot of pudding...
480 grams...that's a lot of pudding...


One thought on “One For the Road

  1. Strawberry kitkat has possibilities. The pudding is probably high calorie especially if it is made from the same cream as the ice cream at Costco.

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