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More Kit Kat Luvin’

So, when Jun and I went to see Harry Potter the other day, we went to a supermarket to get some ice cream to cool down in the 35C heat with a 95% humidity. While I made a B-line for the ice cream, Jun went towards the candy section and quickly called me over when he noticed some more unique Kit Kat flavors.

Mango Pudding flavor
Mango Pudding flavor

The package actually says “Chocolate & Mango Pudding Kit Kats,” so I had to check the label to make sure that those were two individual flavors and not a combination flavor. Thankfully, they were separate flavors and I must admit that I am intrigued by this whole mango pudding flavor. It sounds OK.

White Chocolate and Cookies+ flavor
White Chocolate and Cookies+ flavor

To be honest…I have no clue what Cookies+ means. More cookies in the Kit Kat than before?


3 thoughts on “More Kit Kat Luvin’

  1. Mango might be OK. Cookies + must mean extra cookies. Japan has all these unique flavors for KitKats–just saw an ad for ketscup flavored potato chips in America.

    1. I really do want to try the Mango Pudding flavored ones, but not when they come in a big package. If I ever find them in individual packages I might just have to but one to try.

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