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This Month in 給食: July Edition

Before getting into pictures, let me start off by saying that today I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price and I was very happy with what director David Yates did with this installment of the series. The movie was close to 3 hours long and, while I needed to go to the bathroom starting around the first hour of the movie, I could not bring myself to leave my seat because I had become totally enchanted by the world the film created. Of course, there were some things that were better explained in the book and there were things I wish had more screen time, but all in all this may have been my favorite Potter film to date. Although, all the couple talk and kind of overly done flirting and romance scenes did get a little too cheesy at times, it was a very good film. Might be going to see it again since the screen Jun and I saw it on today was smaller compared to the normal theater we see movies at. It is worth a second watch anyway.

Summery: Harry Potter = awesomeness. GO SEE IT!!

Now, onto those school lunch pictures.

July had very few school lunches since the semester ends Friday and the last day of school lunch was today. I was a little underwhelmed with the selection in lunches this month and am actually glad that I will be able to make my own meals. Maybe some pictures of food creations to come?


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