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An Unfortunate Name

Now, one thing I am sure everyone is familiar with is how Japanese name things that end up sounding ridiculous in English. This seems to be a very common practice with drinks. There is one called Calpis (which sounds like “Cow Piss”). There is also a hot version of this drink called “Hot Calpis,” and I almost passed out laughing when a friend asked me if I wanted to drink some. Another drink that a fellow ALT friend of mine drank was called “GUTS!” and it was apparently for “the burning man” – whatever that is supposed to mean.

Today when I came back from the gym, I found Jun sitting on the couch with a big grin on his face. He then told me that “today I drank penis!”. Cue a total shocked look on my face and an immediate need for an explanation. Apparently, there is a new drink out called “Pinesu.” To make matters worse, the drink is milky. Was it really necessary to make the liquid in a drink called “Penisu” look like watery sperm? Japan never ceases to shock me. There are two sizes that you can buy in stores: “regular Penisu” and “big Penisu.”

worst name for a milky-looking drink ever
worst name for a milky-looking drink ever

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