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Japanese Michael Jackson(♥□♥) Oh!

The real King of Pop may have passed away, but there are those that want to make sure that his memory lives on. One of those people is called “Michael Ryo” (Maiko Ryo・マイコーりょう)here in Japan. He is a Michael Jackson impersonator who just made his television debut recently and when I first saw him I wanted to see more. He appears on comedy-based TV programs, but I think he should just do his on thing because his style does not really fit with the other acts. He really admires the late Michael Jackson and his death really effected him significantly, as he wrote on his blog. While he is very sad, he says that he “wants to continue being a Michael Jackson impersonator to spread Michael Jackson’s message and influence to the world.” Here are two videos I was able to find – maybe his only appearances? – so please enjoy!

Here is Michael Ryo’s “Smooth Criminal”. Youtube disabled the embed option, so you will have to click the link.

According to his blog, he will be going to Los Angeles soon.


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