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Summer Frogs

freedom is never given, it is won
freedom is never given, it is won

I finally made the decision and joined a gym today. The gym is about a 15 minute bike ride from my apartment and it is a really nice place. Not only do they have great facilities, but there is a sauna, onsen (and an outside onsen for women), and different exercises classes almost hourly. I was glad that Jun convinced me to join (we joined together) because it felt really good to work out and then relax in a hot bath and sauna. I am making it a personal goal to go at least three times a week when I am working and probably more during the summer. Some of these days might just be soaking in the onsen, but working out every single day is bad for you anyway.

Anyway, found some cute little critters on the way to the gym. Summer in Japan means that frogs living in the rice patties get really vocal. We took a roundabout rout to the gym on our bikes and explored some of the rice patties to find these guys.

a big frog
a big frog

close up of the bright green frog
close up of the bright green frog
small bright green frog
small bright green frog

4 thoughts on “Summer Frogs

  1. What cute frogs!

    You guys are going to be super fit after riding your bikes 15 minutes to the gym and then an hour workout. Did you get bored with WII fit?

    1. I wouldn’t say I got bored with Wii Fit. It’s more like I could not get the cardio I needed to relieve stress. I still use it for the yoga and balance things when it is late at night or on the days that Jun has his part time job – too dark to bike to the gym by myself and Jun doesn’t really want me going out that late at night alone because of creepy Japanese men.

  2. aw, the frogs are cute! and the gym sounds like a nice place 🙂

    (although you remind me that I probably should get more exercise than just riding my bike places… at least I do that? ^^ )

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