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More Kit Kats

Strawberry Cheesecake flavored
Strawberry Cheesecake flavored

I found this at a rest area on the way to Costco the other day. It has just been a pattern I have noticed with Kit Kats in Japan, but whenever white chocolate is used, the Kit Kat is overly sweet but usually something that I like. I did not buy this Kit Kat because, once again, the box had far too many Kit Kats in it. I would like to try this one sometime because I usually like cheesecake flavored things.

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3 thoughts on “More Kit Kats

  1. This one looks like it might actually be good! But probably only in small amounts. Too bad they only had them in large packs.

    1. I know. I think it has potential, but I did not want to buy a giant box to try them just in case the flavor was not to my liking. Then again, I could have used the left overs for prizes at my elementary school I suppose.

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