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My Current Favorite Japanese CM

So, one thing that never ceases to amuse me is how Japan advertises things. I will never forget my shock when I saw the Aflac duck CM (commercial) on Japanese television and I was shocked at how the duck did not have an annoying voice, but it was calm and almost cute. Japanese CMs are almost never boring, but there are some exceptions. My current favorite CM is actually an ad for a cockroach killer called “Combat” by the Kincho company. In the CM, there is a boy-band called Butoukan (舞闘冠 whose kanji mean “dance,” “fight,” and “crown/beast” respectively). The bad is not really a popular one, I have never seen them on TV besides this CM, but they sure can make one awesome cockroach killing commercial. Take a look yourself and be sure to watch it in HD!

My favorite part is at the end where he says, “Gokiburi (cockroach) to the heaven.” I can’t help but laugh every time I watch this CM.

I also happened upon a magazine article with the boys in their cockroach costumes, so I might as well post those as well.

Be sure to read the post before this one (for my returning viewers) because this is my second entry of the day. If you are new to this blog, might just want to start from the beginning.

pretty cockroach boys
pretty cockroach boys
pretty cockroach boys
pretty cockroach boys

If you want to check them out when they do not look like cockroaches and they are not singing about cockroaches dying, check out the below video (as always, HD is best).


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