Night Patrol Teacher · Translations

Night Patrol Teacher cont.

【夜回り先生】・【The Night Patrol Teacher】
【夜回り先生】・【The Night Patrol Teacher】

Chapter 9: The Girl Who Came From China

This is something that happened in the fall of 1993.

After finishing my rounds in Yamashita Park, I began walking back towards the parking lot when I saw a girl curled in a ball crying in an alley between two buildings. She was shaking with fear. When I tried to talk to her, she moved further away from me. Not wanting her to completely run away, I began to talking to myself. I talked about how I was a high school teacher at a night school, about how I was a harmless human, about how I was worried about her but that I would not move from where I was…I wonder how long I continued to talk for? As the dawn began to break she moved from her position and came towards me.

Gripping her chest as if in excruciating pain was a young girl wearing very tattered and dirty clothing. She was a very sorrowful sight. I took the liberty of putting my own coat on her and, for starters, listened to her life’s story.

She was 16-years-old and was born in China. She had come to Japan only two years ago and was unable to converse comfortably in Japanese. She was bullied in junior high school and was bullied solely because she had been born in a different country and, as a result, began going to school less and less. She then turned to the night as a means to enjoy life.

Yesterday she had also been wandering alone, much like tonight, when a man in an expensive car began hitting on her and inviting her to his place. Having nothing else to do, she got into his car and he drove her to his apartment.

The truth of the matter is that the apartment he took her to was set up as a studio where several of his friends were waiting with video cameras which they used to record as each of them took turns raping her. I was at a loss for words. Adults who feed on children like meat are the worst type of living creature. What’s worse, the lot who don’t treat people as people, I can’t think of them as being human.

I started my car and we traced back to the street where she had been picked up and all the way to his apartment complex. The flooring was tiled and on the 4th floor there was a parking lot…but no matter how much we searched, we could not find his car. She was in such a shocked state that her memory was fuzzy and unsound. We may not have even been at the correct apartment complex. I figured that nothing more could be accomplished as things were, so I decided to call upon the help of a local newspaper distributer. There, while the workers were preparing for the morning paper, I told them of the girl’s situation and asked them to help me in my search for the man and his apartment complex. They readily agreed to help.

There was no way we could not not find him. This was not only for her sake, but to prevent the same crime from happening again. We had to reveal his whereabouts. With blazing hearts, we all drove off in separate directions.

Several hours later my cell phone rang. The call was from one of the newspaper workers.

“I found the apartment complex.”

After, I took her to the police station where she was able to plea her case and accused the men who had raped her. The men were quickly arrested and the police seized a couple thousand video tapes. All of them were for the purpose of being sold. One of the arrested men was an elite of a major company.

Today, the girl runs a small Chinese restaurant with her mother. Next spring she is going to marry a pupil of mine who helps out at the restaurant. Inside her stomach there is already a new life growing and, if it is a boy, she is going to name it Osamu, after me. The thought is a little embarrassing but, the truth is, it makes me happy.


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