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This Month in 給食: June Edition

Well folks, it’s June 30 and you know what that means…an entire month of school lunch has come to an end! June’s lunches had a lot of seafood centered dishes which tend to be the type of lunches that I am unable to eat either because the sea flavor is too strong or the texture… Continue reading This Month in 給食: June Edition

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Soda & A Boy Band

Hows about a fun post? Jun and I went to the store the other day to get things to make gyoza when I spotted these gems. You guessed it, more unique Kit Kat flavors! This Kit Kat flavor is nothing new as I have posted previous cherry/sakura flavored Kit Kat pictures before. What makes this… Continue reading Soda & A Boy Band

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No Laughing Matter: Sexual Harassment

So, I am sure that you all reading my blog have figured out from my status updates via Twitter that things have been very stressful for me recently. To put things bluntly, I was sexually harassed and borderline assaulted by the very students I teach and I made it public to the junior high school… Continue reading No Laughing Matter: Sexual Harassment